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Financing Trade & Investments 

OPIC Loan Origination

Facilitiing Investments in Emerging Economies 

The AiC will contract directly with the company interested in tapping into OPIC financing and/or Political risk insurance. The AiC will conduct the following services;

  • Prepare OPIC application for finance or political risk insurance.

  • Review and/or develop business plans.

  • Revise business strategy or structure of company.

  • Identify investors for project in where application.

  • Identify partners; technical or business partners for project in question.

  • Coordinate with other institutional investors or agencies related to project in question.


For additional information on AiC services, please send an email to 


Trade Finance 

Reducing the Risk of International Business 

Trade Finance consists of products and services used to ensure that the exporter is paid and the importer gets his delivery.We facilitate trade financing in international and domestic markets.  


The AiC can offer risk analysis and risk reduction assistance with regard to commercial transactions, guarantee payments and, last but not least, facilitate trade financing through the Export Import Bank of the US or other facilities.  


For additional information on AiC services, please send an email to 

Business Development 

Identifying NEW Opportunities in Emerging Markets 

The AiC organizes industry-specific, country-specific and multi-industry market development missions to overseas destinations on behalf of both private and public sector clients, either individually or as a group. These missions are an excellent tool to be used as part of a larger business development strategy to increase critical market share. After researching and prioritizing international markets, companies use The AiC's services to then travel to target markets in order to expand their business.


Developing Market Entry Strategies: Creating business development strategies to assist our clients in identifying contract opportunities resulting from Millennium Challenge Corporation funded projects in Africa.

Invest Forum: Projects & Finance 

Business conference

The primary objective of the AiC’s Investment forum is to promote and encourage investments in Africa. Participants will be taken through courses which will focus on explaining the structure of US trade policy, international finance models and global business strategy. They will also participate in workshops designed to train businessmen and women, key government officials on how to address best practice models for ensuring the full financing of investment projects, including the latest developments in local financial services and regulatory reform: improved corporate governance; innovative methodologies; debt and private equity market reform; and unleashing the potential of Africa’s capital markets. Participating countries or governments will have an opportunity to discuss actual projects to be reviewed for possible financing by key financial institutions/organizations.

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