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Power Africa

Power Africa employs a transaction-centered approach to directly address the constraints to project development and investment in sub-Saharan Africa’s energy sector. The model is part of President Obama’s new approach to development, which builds local capacity and supports innovative ways to make traditional assistance programs more effective and sustainable.

Instead of taking years or even decades to create an enabling environment for energy sector investment, Power Africa’s transaction-centered approach focuses on facilitating more effective and efficient energy project transactions while simultaneously driving policy reform

To provide transaction-centered support, Power Africa provides the following resources to advance these goals:

  • Interagency teams focused on transactions that serve as catalysts to bring power and transmission projects to fruition by leveraging financing, insurance, technical assistance, and grant tools from across the U.S. government and our private sector partners.

  • A team of field-based regional and country focused Transaction Advisors, professionals with experience in both the energy and investment sectors, work across sub-Saharan Africa to help governments prioritize, coordinate, and expedite the implementation of power projects. These transaction advisors work as impartial advisors to African partner governments and in direct coordination with officials from various U.S. Power Africa agencies in each country.

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